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We all know that Alzheimer disease is a long good by disease. Now, we know it is a long good by to the family member, not the patient.

I saw the Taiwan version of Long Good By directed by Mr. Yang not long ago. Mr. Yang did a great job to tell the story from the patient's own perspective, not so much from the family member's view. Again, I think Mr. Yang produced a powerful movie.

I like Las Buenas Hierbas because it is a beautifully done movie with the right amount of drama. The subtle scene of the mother not knowing how to dress herself properly is a powerful way to show how frustrated it is to daughter. Especially, mother is always dressed with style and beauty.

I think the most painful part for Alzheimer is to see an intelligent and independent woman regressed to an infant and trapped into the void. I believe this is why daughter decided to set her mother and herself free.

I will definitely recommend people to watch this movie and be thankful that they have a healthy parent. Now is the time to tell them you love them and thank them for loving you.

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